About Us

Umut Kulp has been established in 1984 as one of the very first manufacturer in furniture accessories field. The company has built a very strong and a long term brand as "Handstyle" and is in business both in domestic and international markets.

After these 3 successful decades with a marvelous knowledge and experience, Umut Kulp has been growing and improving its vision by keeping its superior design capability and production quality with its brand "HandStyle".

Umut Kulp has achieved to be a very well known brand in this sector by focusing on its high efficiency production capability.

As Umut Kulp, We exceed our customer's current and future expectations by using the newest technology with our perception of innovation and highly skilled labor force.

One of the major mission that we pursue is to increase the barriers of quality of our sector by enhancing our product line day by day. We have been going from strength to strength sustainably with our hundreds of experienced employees and thousands of satisfied customers.

Umut Kulp has completed its organizational and technical capacities in order to have the best design capability and is capable of providing optimum solutions to its clients taking into consideration of their needs in most economical way.


In our current production facility consisting of 3000 sqm closed area, We produce cabinet handles, pulls, buttons, knobs, hangers, furniture legs, other connection equipments and custom design products . As a new investment to the business, Umut Kulp will be opening up its new production facility which will be one of the largest in this field with 10,000 sqm closed area.

Umut Kulp provides goods and services to its domestic and international customers by making no concession with understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction specially on timely delivery approach.


Umut Kulp currently exports to more than 50 different countries all over the world and committed to providing the highest quality of a wide range of products. We strive to provide the most innovative products and also expand our customer base by exhibiting in reputable trade shows and exhibitions year around.